Colorado Chromatography Labs will be closed the week of Thanksgiving (Nov 21-25). We will resume normal operations on November 28.

Pioneering a developing industry, Colorado Chromatography continues to set a standard. Our uncompromising levels of safety and compliance set us apart and ensure the integrity of our services and products. Our every decision, process, and goal is based on a commitment to quality.

Quality Bio-Synthesized Cannabinoids

Colorado Chromatography believes in total transparency. From cultivation and harvest to production and testing, we verify each stage of the plant life cycle. Greater purity is both a promise and a guarantee. We further adhere to all applicable state and federal regulations, ensuring complete compliance at every level.
Taking pride in innovation, Colorado Chromatography brings together experience, expertise, and expectation. We strive to revolutionize the industry through a wide range of premium, bio-synthesized cannabinoids. We mimic those beneficial cannabis compounds in low supply and high demand, offering superior accessibility at competitive prices. Inspired by Nature, Driven by Science!

Colorado chromatography’s quality control process begins with the purchase of quality raw materials from our carefully-vetted partners. All partners are carefully selected and are held to high-quality standards. Colorado Chromatography’s quality control is done both internally and externally with quality testing done in-house and at carefully selected partner laboratories. Each order is sent with a full panel test which includes microbial, residual solvents, pesticides heavy metals, and purity.

Our compliance team works diligently to be able to provide total traceability throughout our supply chain. Colorado Chromatography strictly adheres to cGMP guidelines. All of Colorado Chromatography’s compliance documents are readily available to all potential clients for review. Our robust supply chain and rigorous attention to detail ensure that products leaving our facility are safe, compliant, and will meet our customers’ standards. At Colorado Chromatography, we believe in creating a culture based on compliance. This creates an environment that promotes Food Safety, Consumer protection, and the safety of our team members.

At Colorado Chromatography we ensure that our processes follow GMP guidelines. All of our products are derived from either hemp-derived products or natural sources such as argan oil.
Every batch is tested at least 10-15 times throughout the manufacturing process times internally and then again 3 times with partner labs. Our final product goes through extensive purification including distillation, chromatography, and crystallization. These purification steps remove unwanted compounds and residual solvents to ensure that the final product is high purity and ready for use. Our batching system ensures that no material slips through the cracks and that our samples are representative of the batch as a whole. Our proprietary processes allow us to create high purity GMP-certified cannabinoid isolates at an unmatched scale.

"This industry is never dull; from the science to our clients, everyday is an adventure"
"There is no better feeling than helping our clients achieve their formulation goals and seeing the positive feedback from their customers"
"This industry is still in its infancy and I can't wait to see where it goes!"