Colorado Chromatography Labs will be closed the week of Thanksgiving (Nov 21-25). We will resume normal operations on November 28.

What is the return policy?
Colorado Chromatography is committed to providing our clients with the best possible products. Each client has 10 days upon delivery to have their product tested, if the product tests out of spec for any reason please contact us via email within the 10 day window.
At this point, we will investigate and take the steps necessary to resolve the issue not excluding retesting and replacing the shipment.

How soon after placing an order can I expect delivery?
Each order at Colorado Chromatography is custom and is treated on a case-by-case basis. Before an order is made the shipping requirements are agreed upon and included in the invoice prior to payment.

Are the products protected by insurance during shipping?
Yes, all shipments from Colorado Chromatography are insured, if a package is lost in transit Colorado Chromatography will follow up with the claim and replace the shipment.

Are there residual solvents in our final product?
There are never any residual solvents present in any of Colorado Chromatography’s final products.

What are the payment terms?
All orders must be paid in full before they ship unless terms have been set up prior.

Does Colorado Chromatography provide track and trace documentation?
Yes, Colorado Chromatography is happy to provide any documentation related to the provenance and certification of our products.

Do you offer custom cannabinoid synthesis?
Yes, Colorado Chromatography is happy to do custom synthesis or R&D work for an agreed-upon fee.

Are your products THC compliant?
Yes, all of Colorado Chromatography’s products are Farm Bill compliant.

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