Colorado Chromatography Labs will be closed the week of Thanksgiving (Nov 21-25). We will resume normal operations on November 28.
Colorado Chromatography
Inspired by Nature, Driven by Science

With a focus on research and development, Colorado Chromatography specializes in minor cannabinoids. We optimize the supply chain, ensure quality and represent scientific expertise.

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Natural Ingredients Only the finest natural ingredients
U.S. Farm Grown Supporting our local farms
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Wholesale Cannabinoid Manufacturer

Colorado Chromatography strives to produce only the highest integrity minor cannabinoids in the cannabis industry. We take pride in pushing boundaries and championing cutting-edge solutions to a broadening marketplace. We hope you’ll take a moment to familiarize yourself with our product line, and we welcome you to contact us at 303-856-3244 for further information.

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At Colorado Chromatography you’ll find competitive pricing and the highest quality on the market. You can be confident in 98-99% or greater purity of product. We work in large scale production, providing a wholesale and bulk minor cannabinoids supply chain. Our main wholesale ingredients include CBN, THCV, CBG, CBDQ and CBC, with each offering unrivaled consistency, safety and potency. We eliminate the possibility of heavy metal or pesticide contamination and avoid the high cost of traditional cultivation and extraction processes that require large amounts of plant biomass.

There are over 125 naturally occurring cannabinoids found in very small quantities in cannabis plants. However, they aren’t available in every strain, and minor cannabinoids aren’t plentiful. Employing cutting edge technology and science, we at Colorado Chromatography are able to synthesize larger quantities of major and minor cannabinoids that the plant cannot provide. We mimic the way they are in nature, allowing for the large doses needed to treat severe conditions such as epilepsy, cancer and Parkinson’s. Our high-potency further reduces the requirement of such large quantities. Inspired by Nature, Driven by Science, Colorado Chromatography represents an effective solution and continues to look ahead. We pioneer a future where severe illnesses are treated by looking at a person’s DNA and pinpoint which cannabinoid is deficient.

Colorado Chromatography Labs is an industry leader in the Production of 99%+ CBN.
Highest integrity minor cannabinoids in the cannabis industry.
Custom Formulations Formulated to fit your needs
Quality Products Lab-tested for purity
Driven By Science Using the most cutting-edge tech
"This industry is never dull; from the science to our clients, everyday is an adventure"
"There is no better feeling than helping our clients achieve their formulation goals and seeing the positive feedback from their customers"
"This industry is still in its infancy and I can't wait to see where it goes!"